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I Cannot, in Good Conscience, Recommend that Anyone Patronize Salsa Leedos

Restaurant: Salsa Leedos
Mexican, Southwestern
Location: 3956 W. 13400 S. Riverton (No Map)
Price Range: No Need

I used to be a regular at Salsa Leedos when they had their location in West Jordan. I ate there at least twice a month for lunch. Their lunch menu had decent prices, service was good, food was good. Then, for whatever reason, they closed the location (I thought they went out of business), and opened another location in Riverton. Being so much farther away from my usual romping grounds, I had not been there in some time. Well, as luck would have it, I found myself in the area and thought that I would get an early lunch.

I pulled in up front and the first thing that caught my eye was the neon sign in the window announcing "cerveza." I wondered what was different about serving beer in Riverton, as opposed to West Jordan. I used to manage a restaurant in West Jordan, and the owners opted out of renewing their beer license after the first year, because it was so expensive and troublesome. Next thought was that the location was markedly smaller than the one in West Jordan. I walked inside and thought that they had managed to maintain a similar feel to their previous location in terms of decor, although the tone sounding when I opened the door detracted from it, making me feel like I had walked into a 7-Eleven, rather than a sit-down restaurant. (I suddenly had a craving for a Slurpee, now that I think about it ....)

No one came out to greet me. I waited another minute or so, then a man walked by behind the host desk, made eye contact with me, and kept walking through another doorway, not missing a step. I looked down at myself, wondering if I had turned invisible, but continued to wait. A minute or so later, another man came out with a broom and made eye contact with me. I smiled and opened my mouth to speak, but he looked down and very pointedly started sweeping, moving quickly to get out of sight. At this point, I was beginning to feel annoyed. To my right, I heard the sound of flatware banging together, so I backed up and looked through the opening in the wall to see a man seated at a table rolling flatware into napkins. I waited, watching him, until he looked up at me, then he looked down again, very intently rolling his flatware.

Now I'm getting more than annoyed. I walked back up to the host desk and stepped past it a little bit to look either way for anyone I had seen previously. Nothing. I walked back to look at the table with the flatware. It was still there, sans man doing the rolling. I looked back at the door and saw that the hours posted said they opened at 11 a.m. I looked at my watche and saw that it was 10:57. At that point, I decided that I would give someone else my money (exercising the democratic power of the dollar) and not bother finishing their review with a second visit. As I walked back out to my car, however, it just didn't feel right. If I had been running the restaurant, I would have liked to know. So I pulled up their number on my phone and called, fully expecting to get an answering machine. (If they ignore me when I'm there in person, why would they answer the phone?) Surprisingly, a woman answered. I told her what had happened. Her response was, "Well, we don't even have the door bell on." I said, "I heard it tone." She repeated what she said. I repeated what I said. Then she said, "Well, come back, we'll serve you." I demurred, because the whole point of what I do is for the restaurant to not know that there is a food critic eating there. But, worse, I simply would not feel right giving them free promotion on, when they care so little for the customer.

I could not, in good conscience, recommend that anyone patronize Salsa Leedos after seeing how little attention, let alone respect, was offered a customer.

Last words on Salsa Leedos: "I hate being disappointed, let alone ignored."

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Comments on Review

Your review of Salsa Leedos was very well written and made us laugh. We loved that restaurant when it was located in West Jordan. However, it was all we could do to find it in Riverton. The 2-for-1 coupon about to expire inspired us to continue our quest, despite the fact we lost our way more than once. It's questionable that the discount made up for the gasoline used to reach the restaurant's new location. Even though we located Salsa Leedos once, it's no guarantee it can be in the future. Riverton is not the Riverton of the past, and unfortunately, neither was Salsa Leedos food or customer service. However, if it were relocated back to West Jordan, we'd definitely give it another try.

Jan and Bill K.
West Jordan



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