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Thank You for Your Food Links Page

Food Utah:

I wanted to send you a short email to say thanks for your page, I volunteer with a children's group, where I help plan different events. One of our members is teaching the families about food allergies, so I wanted to find some interesting resources to use for the event. Thanks for all the help!

My daughter, Madison, found a great guide to allergy awareness wristbands, Can you include this in your list of links? She is allergic to peanuts so she's very passionate about informing others about food allergies and thought it would help others visiting your page who don't know how allergy wristbands work.

If you have any tips for our group, feel free to pass them on. Thanks again!

Take care,
Julie Loomis


So come on in!  Look around.  Make yourself comfortable.  And take part in the FoodUtah experience to delight your inner foodie.

     food·ie (fd)
     noun. Slang.  A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet.