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10 Tips for Perfect Grilling

  1. Clean and preheat your grill on high, then reduce heat to low.  (In the words of Bobby Flay, grilling should be done low and slow.)

  2. Lightly oil everything before you put it on the grill. This helps prevent sticking.

  3. Season your food before grilling on both sides.  (In the words of Emeril, nobody like's one-sided tasting meat.)

  4. Use tongs or a spatula to turn your meat on the grill. Using a fork can damage the meat, which releases the juices that keep it moist.

  5. Cover your grill as much as possible during the grilling process. This helps to lock in the grilled flavor and will help prevent flare-ups.

  6. Keep a spray bottle with water handy to douse any unexpected flare-ups. (Wield it like a gunslinger in a spaghetti Western — pun intended.)

  7. Use the 60/40 grilling method. Grill for 60% of the time on the first side, then grill 40% of the time after you turn over the food. This will give you an evenly cooked product.

  8. Place your cooked product on a clean plate. Never place cooked product on the plate you used to transport the raw product to the grill without thoroughly washing it first.  (See Handling Food Safely.)

  9. Allow your foods to rest for five minutes between cooking and eating. This will help the juices resettle into the meat, retaining more of its moisture when you cut into it.

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